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By: Ronnie Brown on May 5th, 2021

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Where Does W.S. Tyler Ship in the World?

5 things to know before incorporating architectural mesh video


Whether your focus is interior or exterior design, architectural wire mesh panels are some of the most versatile and practical design materials used in the world of architectural design. But to ensure your vision truly becomes a reality, architects must identify a wire mesh supplier that they can trust will work with them to deliver solutions that work.

That said, once you find a potential match, you must gain an understanding of what to expect during the shipping process to ensure the supplier can accommodate the time constraints of your architectural design process.

For over 20 years, W.S. Tyler has made it our mission to make the integration of architectural mesh a seamless experience.

That's why this article focuses on:

  • Where W.S. Tyler ships in the world
  • How to obtain W.S. Tyler wire mesh panels outside of North America
  • What you can expect during the shipping process
  • How much shipping costs

Where Does W.S. Tyler Provide Direct Shipping?

Understanding where you can get W.S. Tyler architectural mesh starts with knowing that we don't weave or manufacture the mesh in our mentor, Ohio facility. In fact, we are a distributor for our parent company, Haver and Bocker, which is located in Germany.

Our wire mesh panels are woven in Germany because Haver and Bocker is equipped with specialized high-speed weaving looms dedicated to architectural mesh production. This prevents the stainless steel makeup of architectural mesh from being compromised by other alloys used to make other mesh products, potentially affecting the lifespan and other qualities of the mesh panels.

Once fully woven and packaged, wire mesh panels can be sent anywhere in the world. That said, W.S. Tyler is the central hub that facilitates all architectural mesh inquirers in North America.


What if I Live Outside of North America?

Customers outside of North America looking to get information about architectural mesh or integrate it into their upcoming project(s), Haver and Boecker would be your first point of contact. You will then be put in touch with a distributor that oversees your particular region.

To contact Haver and Bocker, fill out their contact form here.

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What Should I Expect During the Shipping Process?

Once you've ordered your architectural wire mesh panels, you will have to submit production drawings to the wire mesh distributor. The distributor's engineering team will then go over the drawings to ensure your panels are constructed correctly.

The raw wire needed to weave the panels are then ordered, at which point the wires are crimped and woven. The woven panels undergo whatever fabrication is necessary to accommodate any custom requests your design calls for.

For easy installation, each panel is tagged based on where the contractor should place it on the substructure after fabrication. So, for example, if a wire mesh facade requires 20 panels, each panel would have a tag ranging from 1 to 20 to indicate which panel goes where.

The mesh panels are then packaged in shipping crates, and the crates themselves will be tagged as well. The crates are then shipped and delivered, at which point the contractor will begin unloading the crates based on what needs to be installed first.

Architectural-Mesh-ShipmentNOTE: We think of every architectural mesh as a snowflake in the sense that no one project is the same. This means your architectural mesh requirements are different and need a personal touch, naturally making the shipping process slightly different each time.


How Does Shipping Affect the Cost of a Wire Mesh System?

Now, shipping won't affect the cost of the architectural wire mesh panels directly; however, it will naturally affect the cost of the project overall. That said, the cost of shipping is dependent on several factors, including the carrier (fees vary), where it's shipping to, and if any special machinery is needed to load and unload the crates.

Another significant factor that can drive shipping price is the size of the panel. Are they so long that they can only be shipped on a flatbed, or can they be shipped via a trailer? You should be able to answer this question to ensure you make the implementation of architectural mesh as cost-effective as possible.

NOTE: While W.S. Tyler has no control of the shipping cost, our product manager will be in constant contact with the logistics company to ensure you can effectively plan the installation process.


Understand How To Install Your Wire Mesh Panels Once They Arrive

W.S. Tyler is the central hub for wire mesh panel distribution in North America, having material fabricated and shipped in 10 to 16 weeks. That said, if you are located outside of North America, our parent company has distributors located across the globe and is more than capable of accommodating your architectural design process no matter where you are.

To that end, once your material arrives, it's important that you have a full understanding of what the installation process looks like. This will help ensure a seamless integration of architectural mesh that delivers the right aesthetic and creates the appropriate tension loads.

As prominent suppliers of architectural mesh for over 20 years, W.S. Tyler is here to ensure you leverage the capabilities of architectural wire mesh panels to turn your vision into a reality.

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